Whether you are considering a brush for a new application or you are looking to replace a brush on existing equipment, this site is designed to help both the engineer and the mechanic. It is our hope that the Engineer will glean information helpful in designing new and practical solutions for today's applications; and that the mechanic will see that Industrial Brush can provide the replacement brush or give the assistance in designing that missing application that a finished product needs to be a cut above the rest.

We encourage you to tour our application pages to see the wide variety of cylinder brushes that are manufactured for today's market place. Then proceed to our technical bulletins to see typical brushing applications clearly explained. The next place to visit would be in the design section where you can see the various possible brush designs. After completing your tour, we suggest you go to our request form so that we can respond with pricing or further technical advise.

If you are one who likes to wander rather than follow our path, please feel free to wander as you please. We are sure you will see that we are the experts for today's manufacturer's brushing needs.


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